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A complete range of Made in Italy Hydraulic Presses for the most varied industrial sectors.
Certified construction quality and compliant with safety regulations. Customized presses and optionals for specific applications.

The hydraulic presses designed and produced by AXATOP are machines made with the highest construction quality on the market and guarantee the best working performance and reliability without time limits. The components are Made in Italy. All our hydraulic presses are made with monolithic frames assembled without welding points in the areas of greatest stress. All our presses are supplied with an operation and maintenance manual, CE marking and certificate of conformity according to current European regulations.


A complete range of automatic double speed hydraulic presses with rapid traverse with power from 12 to 110 tons. The cylinder approach speed in rapid mode is the highest on the market. The entire range is always available in stock for immediate delivery.

Special options

AXATOP is your ideal partner for manufacturing plates, prisms, milled worktops with T-slots, perimeter protections produced in certified anti-hand mesh and polycarbonate, door and counterweighted guillotine openings, limit switches and all types of accessories for specific production processes.


AXATOP is specialized in the design and construction of bespoke presses. The size of the frames, the strokes of the cylinders, the speed of the control units and the automation of the control panels (PLC with programmable work cycles, thrust timer devices) can be customized according to customer specifications.

Manual presses

Presses operated by 2-speed hand pump and spring cylinder return. Presses with foot pump. Power from 12 to 30 tons. For non-intensive uses.